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DM-Enterprise 1.1

DM-Enterprise provides a secure framework for managing user accounts and activities. It's intuitive, browser-based interface allows for use with a wide range of software technologies. Even legacy apps can be updated and brought into the scope of the DataMessenger Enterprise (DME) platform.

DM-Enterprise can manage users individually or as groups across multiple domains and website contexts. Application properties, user permissions, and database connections are all securely maintained by DME. In addition, application settings cascade within the scope of each domain. This means that setting up and maintaining a new account is efficient and easy.

Flexible Technology:

DM-Enterprise software was developed for the Java Platform™ with JSP and MySQL technology on the back end. Any software, however, that can interface with Java can use DME components; ether on the web or in a standalone desktop applications. Even webapps using php and AJAX can take advantage of the DME platform and security model.

Development Toolkit:

Along with its core functions, DataMessenger Enterprise software comes with an api filled with useful and essential application technologies. Some Objects, such as the DatabaseToolkit and BeanUtilities, contain collections of convenience methods that make life easier when developing sophisticated web apps. Others, like RequestReader and ArrayIterator, are essential for efficiency and portability.

Exclusive Availability:

This technology is not available for download. If you are considering DM-Enterprise software for your next project, please contact us at We will be happy to evaluate whether or not our technology is right for the job. We will also share with your development team our api documentation and live sample apps.


DM-Product Studio 1.0 (planned)

Product Studio was designed as a personal selling tool for sales agents working in the field or showroom. The core application is a powerful product configurator for customizing big ticket items such as boats, RV's, and home renovation. All product features, specifications, documentation, and options are available with the click of a mouse or touch of a pad. Once configured, a product can be added to a work order, submitted for bidding, or saved as a worksheet for future reference.

Additional Features:

- Contact Information Manager
- Custom Report Generator
- XML Data Import/Export Utilities
- Secure Virtual File System
- Global Inventory Search

Product Goals:

Our goal for Product Studio is to build a simple, reliable, tool to aid sales staff in presenting product options and evaluating customer needs. Although Product Studio can be extended to serve e-Commerce functions, its best use is to strengthen the personal relationships that bind salesperson and customer; manufacture and dealer. In other words, we don't see our software as a cold, impersonal, on-line survey. Rather, we envision Product Studio as a communication channel that brings salesperson and customer closer together.

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