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The following are applets and applet technologies developed by Jon L. Boynton for These are legacy applets and are no longer maintained or featured elsewhere on this site.

Applet technology began loosing ground in the late 1990's to Flash and Shockwave plugin technology. Today, improved Javascript and CSS interpretation have largely replaced Java Applets for content delivery. Applets still, however, remain viable for delivering high-end capabilities such as photo editing and interactive graphs; with desktop functionality and performance.

DM-Platform  (7/30/01)
Provides a robust set of JDK 1.1 compatible components that offer many of the style capabilities of SDK 1.2 Swing components. Includes: Button, Label, TextField, TabbedPane, Scrollbar, ScrollPane, Table, ImagePane, and Checkbox Components.
demo 1
demo 2
DM-ShoppingCart  (4/25/01)
An experimental applet based shopping cart that managed and calculated orders on the client.
DM-Timeline (10/03/00)
Interactive graphical display for evaluating schedule conflicts
DM-ImageRoller  (8/11/00)
Animated button that changes images and URLs when mousing over its grid. (Note: this is broken in Netscape 6.x with Java 2 plugin)

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