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DM-ImageRoller 1.0

     DM-ImageRoller creates an image map grid for rollover actions.

INFO - General applet information (required field):
      = "See Java Console for details on this applet or visit our web site -".

DIR/WEB - Sets the documents base directory for relative URL's when the applet is on a Web site.

DIR/LOCAL - Sets the documents base directory for relative URL's when the applet is located on the users computer.

BACKGROUND/COLOR - The applets background color. Use 24bit color arguments for hex or RGB(red,green,blue) values. example='ABABAB' or '204,102,51' or '100%60%20%'

BACKGROUND/.IMAGE/SRC - Specify a URL(src=?) for the applets background image.

BACKGROUND/.IMAGE/SCALE - Adjust image to applet width and height (yes?iR66;no)

BACKGROUND/.IMAGE/TILE - Fill background with copies of the image. (yes?iR66;no)

BACKGROUND/.IMAGE/CROP - Trim the image to a rectangle portion. (x,y,width,height)

BORDER/STYLE - The borders appearance. choice=flat, raised, transparent


BORDER/INSET - Creates a uniform gap between the edge of the border and the map grid. default=0

BORDER/SHAPE - The combined location(x,y) and size(width,height) of this border. example='0,0,100,200'default=(background shape)

IMAP/COLUMNS - The number of columns Used for dividing the map. default=1

IMAP/ROW_GAP - Pixel separation between image map rows. default=0

IMAP/COLUMN_GAP - Pixel separation between image map columns. default=0

IMAP/..ROLLOVER/NAMES - A sequentially order (left-right,top-down) array of image rollover objects with the specified names. This tag is optional. Without it, all names must be digits from 1 thru (n). To skip a cell layout, use the name "#null#". To add default parameter values, use the name "DEFAULT". example='name1,name2' default='1,2,3...'

IMAP/..ROLLOVER/URL# - The URL accessed by a mouse_up action over this rollovers coodinates.

IMAP/..ROLLOVER/TARGET# - Target window for the url called by this rollovers.

IMAP/..ROLLOVER/MESSAGE# - A message displayed in the browsers status line. The default message is the URL for this rollover(if any).

IMAP/..ROLLOVER/COORDS# - (Optional) Overrides the default grid coordinats for triggering a rollover.

IMAP/..ROLLOVER/COPY# - Copies the parameters from another rollover object. Any additional parameters override the 'cloned' ones. default=DEFAULT

IMAP/..ROLLOVER/.IMAGE/SRC# - Specify a URL(src=?) for the rollover image.

IMAP/..ROLLOVER/.IMAGE/SIZE# - The image's width and height. example='width,height' or '100,50'

IMAP/..ROLLOVER/.IMAGE/LOCATION# - The image' x,y coords.

IMAP/..ROLLOVER/.IMAGE/SCALE# - Adjust image to border width and height (yes?iR66;no)

IMAP/..ROLLOVER/.IMAGE/TILE# - Fill image area with copies of the image. (yes?iR66;no)

IMAP/..ROLLOVER/.IMAGE/CROP# - Trim the image to a rectangle portion. (x,y,width,height)

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