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Since 1996, has been committed to the idea that good software can be both powerful and easy to use. Our goal is to build simple, attractive, and effective applications that will be embraced by your organization.

 Web Applications
Custom built website with DME technology. The website features a unique array of blog and content management technologies. The site combines standard DME applications, such as our Virtual File System and User Management, along with new applications like DME XPress Content and Moderator Services. In addition, JabberPress utilizes Java Servlet and Memcached architectures proven to scale to tens of millions of users.
Product Configurator (static template only)
This site shows a collection of templates developed for DM-Product Studio. The completed application will serve as an online sales tool for manufactures and dealer networks.

Online Medical History (static template only)
This website demonstrates concepts and features of a "Medical History Web Service". The service provides secure 24/7 access to patient controlled medical information.

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